Formal Introduction

Well Hey everyone! I’m Nicki Harper Quinn! By now, you have seen the viral photo of me and my two boys in the Hobby Lobby bathroom. I have been hailed as a great mom and critized as a crappy one all in the same breath. I was caught off guard in a parenting moment heard around the world. As I look at the photo myself, I see why it was taken. This. Is. Parenthood.

People are so quick to judge us all and we see so many horror stories of abuse, we see things that we may have done, or that we relate to and see people are getting crucified mercilessly on Social Media for. This makes us afraid to parent because we are afraid of the judgey looks and or possibly having CPS called on us just for trying to do what we believe is the right discipline our children. There are no instruction manuals that come with kids, just for the car seats we carry them in. I’m not perfect. I am a Haute Mess but I do my best. Follow me as I navigate through this crazy roller-coaster called life.

Just remember one thing; I am with you. I am you. We can do this. Changing one life at a time by raising these tiny humans, we will change the world for the greater good. Are you ready? Let’s go!