Chaotic Sunday Morning

Hey everyone! This has been an INSANE weekend! The past few days have been a whirlwind of phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, like the WHOLE nine! I have been going non-stop and barely had time to breathe! I meant to write this blog on Sunday but that day, started off CRAZY!

Most of you guys can relate that sleep is an important thing on your long of things to do yet we seem to escape it and never get enough of. The rule in my house is that unless there is fire, blood, blood, or a broken body part, let mommy sleep ’till 9 am. Since Kingston is 10 Turing 11 in August, he is very self sufficient and I can trust that he will feed himself and his younger brother with out incident. ( On most days anyway) The last time I can say I had worry free uninterrupted sleep was circa 2008 before Kingston was even born…. Sooooo, its been a while. I take mini naps and decent sleep when I can! Saturday, that didn’t happen. Too many errands to run and so little time. Sunday, the Lord’s day. The day of Sabbath. The day of worship. The day I may get that 9 am sleep in time… did not happen. I had awoken to feel little feet in my face that smelled like old socks and baby lotion. L.J. had gotten in my bed in the middle of the night again. No wonder I couldn’t sleep. He was laid all crazy smack dab in the middle . I had a slight sense of panic enter my body… I quickly checked the bed and his underwear. No pee, Thank GOD. I was not in the mood to scrub the mattress again with Fabuloso, hot water and soap. It was Sunday after all. I had 11 am service to attend. I quickly resettled back into a what I thought was about to be another hour of well deserved sleep turned out to be less than 10 minutes. It’s 7:55 am and Kingston has hoped in my bed to say good morning… Goodbye sleep. Hello Chaos, my old friend. Good to see you… yet again.

Sunday’s morning routine includes me making from scratch blueberry pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit served with OJ or milk. Just as I began so start to the kitchen, I hear Kingston say ” why is the floor wet L.J. ?” I go back to investigate and surprise, surprise L.J. peed everywhere! Oh Joy! Apparently, when he ran to the bathroom, he began to pee himself. As he took his pants down, slipped and fell, got back up and finished urinating in the toilet. I get him undressed, clean up the mess, and go to put his p.j.s in the washing machine and to my surprise I left the wet laundry from yesterday in there. I thought I put the load in the dryer!!! but I guess the many times I caught myself in the staff meeting that is me having a conversation with myself to REMIND myself about NOT forgetting the load obviously didn’t work. I sniffed the laundry and it still smelled clean. I threw it in the dryer and put all the pee clothes and towels in the wash. I asked Kingston to run my bathtub so i could bathe L.J. When i went to take everything I needed out for breakfast and put all on the counter so I could get right to cooking, I saw a little naked 3 yr old L.J. just showing the off his boy bits as he runs in a circle around the couch. He’s playing the catch me I’m a wild Chickeraffe game from the Netflix show based off the classic Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham. I finally catch the my little Chickefraffe and in the tub he goes.

I let the dog out and began to cook breakfast. I run to get L.J. dressed while the eggs begin to bubble. One kid down,! Yes! Victory! I go to let the dog back in and he is no where to be found. He escasped! I forgot about the boards on the side of the house that we needed to get fixed. I made an attempt on Christmas by hammering it back together but it was only a matter of time before he got out again. It just came sooner than later. I turn off the eggs and chased the dog and brought him home. All this happens before 9 am before we have to get ready for church. I swear if it wasn’t for Kingston stepping up and helping me, I would have lost my mind.

Does anyone else go through a similar day on the weekend or at all? This was just what ensued on Sunday morning. Share your stories with me and /or leave a comment! My next blog will be about what happened on Monday; Molly and I did our first interview with The Real!!! Stay tuned!!

Formal Introduction

Well Hey everyone! I’m Nicki Harper Quinn! By now, you have seen the viral photo of me and my two boys in the Hobby Lobby bathroom. I have been hailed as a great mom and critized as a crappy one all in the same breath. I was caught off guard in a parenting moment heard around the world. As I look at the photo myself, I see why it was taken. This. Is. Parenthood.

People are so quick to judge us all and we see so many horror stories of abuse, we see things that we may have done, or that we relate to and see people are getting crucified mercilessly on Social Media for. This makes us afraid to parent because we are afraid of the judgey looks and or possibly having CPS called on us just for trying to do what we believe is the right discipline our children. There are no instruction manuals that come with kids, just for the car seats we carry them in. I’m not perfect. I am a Haute Mess but I do my best. Follow me as I navigate through this crazy roller-coaster called life.

Just remember one thing; I am with you. I am you. We can do this. Changing one life at a time by raising these tiny humans, we will change the world for the greater good. Are you ready? Let’s go!

The Journey Begins

I have been put on this earth like everyone else for a purpose. Not everyone in their lifetime is able to understand what their’s may be. I believe that everything happens for a reason. All the things I have gone through in my life so far has prepared me for this very moment. Carpe Diem!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton